Spiritual Life Coach Start-Up Bootcamp!

A 5-day Challenge for Aspiring Spiritual Life Coaches to Jumpstart Their Coaching Business, Break Free From Their 9 to 5, and Claim Their Divine Life Purpose

This CHALLENGE Will Be Held...

November 7-11, 2022

at 10:30am EST

If you are an aspiring spiritual life coach who wants to work for yourself but you don’t know how to start and run your business successfully...

In 5 days You will walk away with your exact roadmap to launching your Spiritual Life Coaching Business & Leaving Your 9 to 5 job.

Life changer #1

You will identify your very own unique and powerful SPIRITUAL GIFTS which you will use to become a truly authentic healer and Spiritual Life Coach.

Life Changer #2

You will learn how to use your unique gifts and the WISDOM YOU'VE GAINED from your past painful experiences to create your own unique signature program that helps other people heal and transform.

Life Changer #3

Learn the Divine Shadow & Light Certification & Business-Building Method-- the #1 thing you need in your coaching business to ACHIEVE FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE without your 9 to 5 job!


Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach

About your host:

Salut! My name is Crystal Lynn Bell. I am the founder of Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coaching. I help spiritual women bring their Divine gifts of healing and intuition into a spiritual coaching business so they can enjoy heart-led, prosperous lives.

My work as a professional spiritual and energy worker began with my thriving wellness studio which I founded in 2008 in Long Beach, California. After selling my studio to travel the world, I began offering my coaching and healing services online from destinations in the USA, Canada, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Croatia, Spain, France, and Italy.

When I am not in deep conversation with our Unseen Friends, you can find me tooling around Paris with my Greek Street Hound, Apollo, taking pictures, drinking tea, and making friends.


She helped me uncover my personal gift & niche client...

"Before choosing Crystal’s program, I saw that other programs were 5 weeks or three months. How could you learn to help people in just three months or 5 weeks? Crystal’s was 10 months! Crystal’s vibe and energy were compatible with mine. I can be so stubborn and slow in my personal progress, so I needed her personality to help push me through. She’s taught me how to launch an online business! But before that, it’s how to create a method and structure around these Divine Inspirations and creative thoughts... and putting it forward in a logical way that helps me understand what kind of content I am going to create. What is my authority? What are the pain points of my ideal client? These are things I never would have thought of on my own. I would have an idea, but it would take a lot more time to refine if I hadn’t gone through this process with Crystal. Because she breaks it down into a process and a methodology, she helped me uncover what my personal gifts and niche client is. It made it clear and solidified that I have something to give. It’s very affirming that I’m walking the right path because she helps you walk the path of what you have to give."


The masculine + the feminine approach

was perfect...

"I felt like a newbie when I came to Crystal Lynn’s program. My attraction was to get my business up and running again but starting from scratch. I knew this was my calling, but my confidence, self-esteem, and clarity were lacking. The clarity that Crystal Lynn gave, and the very practical way that she takes you through were so appealing, as well as, the deep inner work. I chose the program because of Crystal Lynn’s energy, enthusiasm, groundedness, and realness. Her essence, really! But also, the step-by-step, practical way that she took me through this journey felt grounding. Also, the practical, technical pieces felt really good! As well as, knowing where you were coming from. There was the practical, masculine, 3-D approach infused with the 5-D, feminine, intuitive, flowing feeling perfect. What was most interesting is that there was this beautiful flow, but there was this firm Love. Crystal Lynn and the program consistently took a stand for what was my highest, and that was sometimes uncomfortable for me. But it was really supportive because there were times when I needed to slow down and take back my power from ego, the old stories, and fear. She helped me navigate that and take back my power."


I just can't believe I put this all together!

"Prior to entering Crystal Lynn’s certification program, I was a registered nurse. I had looked at several other programs for a year before deciding on hers. I loved everything she had to say about Spiritual Life Coaching and her philosophy. I felt a connection to her. I came to the program innocently thinking that I would coach. I had no idea about niche clients and targeting who our program was for and then developing our curriculum around that. It’s important to coach to things you’ve experienced because you’re the expert in what happened to you. So we spent time putting that down on paper. We explored what made us the authority on that, and why people would come to us to be coached. Because of our past experiences! Learning how to write and put it down to be welcomed by the public... and the technology. I was blown away! I built my own website! I can’t believe that I put all this together. The skills I learned in this program are amazing! I now manage social media accounts, Facebook groups, publishing, and a website! There’s so much that I’ve learned! The other programs I looked into did not offer that kind of support. Building a spiritual life coaching business is a big process! Crystal Lynn offered hand-in-hand support to go through the process."


Disclaimer - This event is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to growing your online coaching, consulting or infoproduct business. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the event, a program will be offered for purchase.

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